Alexandrov, A., Hocking, G.C., and Townley, L.R. (1997), Modelling of time-dependent lake-aquifer interaction, in Volume 6: Application in Modelling and Simulation, 15th IMACS World Congress on Scientific Computation, Modeling and Applied Mathematics, Berlin, Germany, 24-29 August, 71-76..

We consider a two dimensional model for dynamic interaction between an unconfined aquifer and an open water body in which the water level is a function of time. We formulate the problem mathematically, isolating the governing equation, boundary and initial conditions. We present an accurate numerical solution to the problem. The numerical approach is based on the boundary integral element and finite difference methods. Tests against other approaches are presented and limitations of those approaches are discussed.

A series of simulations has been performed. We examine various situations, by systematically varying: 1) the geometry of the aquifer (different aspect ratios, different shore profiles), 2) level functions (instantaneous drop, periodic forcing, etc.), and 3) accretion regimes (steady, fluctuating).

In each case we identify the governing parameters. We investigate how those parameters affect such factors as the seepage face, the shape of the free boundary and groundwater flow patterns.


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