Townley, L.R., and Brooker, A.M.H. (1990), Simplified modelling of multi-layered aquifers in large sedimentary basins, International Conference on Groundwater in Large Sedimentary Basins, Perth, July 1990, 330-339.

Groundwater flow in a sequence of regional aquifers is often simulated using multi-layered, or quasi-three-dimensional, mathematical models. Incorporating spatial variability of aquifer properties and recharge in a numerical model is time-consuming, but simplified solutions with homogeneous aquifer properties can sometimes give adequate results. Analytical and finite element methods are presented for a range of idealised situations under steady, periodic and transient conditions. They are then applied to the Perth and Murray Basins in Australia, to demonstrate the ease with which order of magnitude results can be obtained. A special technique is described which allows multi-layered models to simulate two layers with distinct hydraulic conductivities but without a separating aquitard.


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