Townley, L.R., and Bligh, K.J. (1992), Evaluation of physically-based rainfall-runoff models, using field data from Berkshire Valley, Western Australia, In: Proceedings of the 5th Australian Soil Conservation Conference, held in Perth, WA, March 1990, Volume 3, Erosion/Productivity and Erosion Prediction Workshop (Hamilton, G.J., Howes, K.M., and Attwater, R., Eds.), Department of Agriculture, Perth, 200-213..

In order to evaluate physically-based rainfall-runoff models for contour bays in the wheatbelt of southwestern Western Australia, a field experiment was carried out at Berkshire Valley in 1985-86. This paper describes the field experiment and shows examples of the types of data collected. The application of two rainfall-runoff models, ANSWERS and HILLS, is also described, and their applicability to simulating flow in contour bays is discussed.


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