Townley, L.R., Nield, S.P., and Davidson, M.R. (1988), Dimensionless simulations of two-dimensional flow in the vicinity of shallow water table lakes, International Symposium on Interaction between Groundwater and Surface Water, Ystad, Sweden, May 1988, 321-338.

Groundwater flow in the vicinity of shallow lakes and wetlands is studied using two-dimensional simulations in plan and in vertical cross-section. The flow field is found to depend on a number of dimensionless parameters, representing the geometry of the lake relative to the surrounding aquifer and the relative importance of inflows through lateral boundaries and across the water table. In plan, in the absence of recharge, flows near circular lakes allow the definition of a capture zone, in which all aquifer flow must eventually pass through the lake. In vertical section, the incorporation of recharge results in a wide range of possible flow fields. The results support previous research which emphasised the importance of stagnation points in allowing a classification of the geometry of flow.


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