Trefry, M.G., and Townley, L.R. (2000), Three-dimensional analysis of steady groundwater flow near ellipsoidal lakes, In: Groundwater 2000, Proceedings of the International Conference on Groundwater Research, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6-8 June, Eds. Bjerg, P.L., Engesgaard, P, and Krom, T.D., Balkema, Rotterdam, 139-140

Recent studies of lake-aquifer dynamics have highlighted the diverse nature of groundwater flow regimes that may exist under the influence of nearby surface water bodies. For water resource managers, three-dimensional systems are often important. This work extends previous studies to descriptions of the effects on steady aquifer flows of fully three-dimensional surface water bodies. Empirical parameterizations of the depths and widths of lake capture and release zones are established for a range of lakebed bathymetries via particle tracking techniques.

Poster paper. Two-page abstract also available on request.


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