Valverde Pérez, B., Johnson, B., Wärff, C., Lumley, D., Torfs, E., Nopens, I., and Townley, L.R. (2021), Digital Water: Operational digital twins in the urban water sector: case studies, IWA White paper, London UK, 17 pp.

The need to handle increasing amounts of data while improving capital and operational efficiencies has directed the attention of the water sector towards advanced digital tools such as operational digital twins. Digital twins can be seen as combinations of models and real-time data that provide a digital representation of a specific part of the water systemí»s behaviour. The aim of this white paper is to highlight how digital twins can help the water industry to improve performance of its infrastructure. The white paper presents two case studies where online digital twins are used for operational decision support: one in a sewer network and the other in a water resource recovery facility.


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