Barr, A.D., and Townley, L.R. (1991), SALTPROD: a program that simulates the flow of water and salt through a system of evaporation ponds, CSIRO Division of Water Resources, Consultancy Report 91/4, 58pp., plus software. [Confidential]

The program is written in FORTRAN 77 and compiled using the Lahey F77L compiler for use on an IBM PC or compatible machine. The program requires, as a minimum configuration, 640 KB of RAM.

The program was developed as part of an investigation of salt production at Useless Inlet and Useless Loop for Shark Bay Salt Joint Venture, and is a significant upgrade on a previous program called SALTS (Clough and Son Pty Ltd, 1973).

The program consists of an executable file SALTPROD.EXE and a number of data files. These data files contain historical information about weather conditions and the pond system status, descriptions of the structure of the pond system and infonnation to assist in the running of SALTPROD.


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