Cargeeg, G.C., Boughton, G.N., Townley, L.R., Smith, G.R, Appleyard, S.J., and Smith, R.A. (1987), The Perth Urban Water Balance Study, Volume 1 - Findings, Water Authority of Western Australia Report and UWA Environmental Dynamics Reference ED-86-176, 128pp.

The objectives of the Perth Urban Water Balance Study were:

  1. to identify areas where the groundwater resource may be at risk due to over-utilisation and/or degradation of water quality;
  2. to investigate the areas at greatest risk; and
  3. to identify groundwater management options for risk areas.

Risk areas were interpreted as being those areas where lowered water table elevations, drying of wetlands and increased saltwater intrusion had already occurred or could be expected to occur in the future.

To meet the objectives of the Study, it was necessary to develop an understanding of the groundwater system and its response to historical changes; to establish baseline groundwater quality data for future comparison; to develop a predictive computer model to evaluate groundwater movement within the study area; and to assess alternative groundwater management strategies.

Volume 1 of the full report provides an account of the groundwater systems and their need for management, including the conclusions and recommendations of this Study. Analysis techniques re described briefly, where necessary, so that Volume 1 may be read independently of the rest of the report.


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