Wilson, J.L., Townley, L.R., and Sa da Costa, A. (1979), Mathematical Development and Verification of a Finite Element Aquifer Flow Model AQUIFEM-1, Technical Report No. 248, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory for Water Resources and Hydrodynamics, M.I.T., 114 pp.

The mathematical development of a two-dimensional finite element model for groundwater flow is described. Based on the hydraulic equations of essentially horizontal flow, the model is called AQUIFEM-1, Aquifer Finite Element Model-1 Layer. It employs the Galerkin finite element technique, with linear interpolation functions and triangular elements. Leakage from an adjacent aquifer, pumping and recharge wells, lateral inflows and outflows, induced infiltration, and numerous other boundary conditions are accounted for. Both steady state and transient solutions can be computed.

The model is verified by comparison to a variety of steady state and transient analytical solutions. These include 1D steady flow in confined leaky and non-leaky aquifers, and in a phreatic aquifer; 1D transient flow in confined and phreatic aquifers; and 2D radial flow to a well in a leaky and non-leaky confined aquifer, and an aquifer undergoing a change of status.

This report was also published by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).


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